Stand Up. Use Your Voice. Nathan.

Stand Up. Use Your Voice.

Connection.  It’s what I live for. And it’s not bound by age or race or gender. Because after all . . . we’re not all the same, but we’re all in the same boat.  We all have the same desire . . . we want to be known, fully, and loved unconditionally.

So, I’ll be featuring a cadre of influencers and their words. I’m excited to introduce you to Nathan.


I remember nothing of my life in China where I lived until age six. I was chosen by my mom and dad and that has made all the difference. I share my home with four other siblings.  I have brothers and sisters from South Korea and China, so my melting pot family is always full of energy and personality.

I love serving others.  Some of my most teachable moments have occurred while spooning out corn on the food line at Baltimore’s Helping Up Mission, flower arranging with grandmotherly types at Carroll Lutheran Village and cleaning out the food pantry side by side with volunteers from St. Paul’s Church in New Windsor.  I volunteer each summer as a buddy at Thrive Camp . . . an inclusive day camp hosted by my church.  I learn more, sometimes, hearing the stories of those I go to serve than I do in my seat in a classroom.  

I’m also an avid soccer player and have a dream of making a career as a soccer player. But I also have a dream of helping others. In short, I feel at home in the life I’ve created. Whether in school or at home, I want to use my competitive spirit to be the best I can so that I can turn around and serve others. Because after all, I only get one life and I’m going to make this one count.  

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