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Staycation. Day 10.

I think it’s been the best vacation of my life . . . ten days of adventuring with my kiddos . . .  some within the confines of our home and most within the confines of our town. But last night was an exception. Epic, actually . .. at least for us.

We went with our partners in adventure, the Martins, for a taste of Rio, Chinatown and the finest taste of all, Parachute!! What a great seque from dancing around the kitchen doing dishes to dancing around an historic synagogue in Chinatown just feet from one of our favorite bands of all time!  My one big indulgence is live music . . . that’s how I met my girl Jonda . . .her family sat right beside us at Pier Six . . . (Andy Grammar and Gavin deGraw) and when Jonda stood up and sang all the lyrics with me, I knew I had met a sista.  I want my kids to taste the joy of the performer/ audience connection. There’s nothing better!

And the bliss of it all was that it was full of adventure . . . pole jumping, ticket running, crowd pumping, metro gunning fun!!!

Late summer night in the city?  The best energy EVER!!!

We even believed we had come upon a flash mob in Rio, only to find out it was co-ed date night Zumba! So much positive energy:)







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