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The future of our family traditions. Right there on the rock. And they know by now that Thanksgiving  means spending the day as a family,  complete with silly games, football, skits, recitations and lots and lots of food. It Dolly’s pretzel salad, Dawn’s succulent apps, David’s coffee chocochip cookies, Nancy’s spinach mashed potatoes and Mom’s fresh turkey and stuffing.

So, here’s a little taste of the Freundel Thanksgiving, from the kids’ perspective. I used to LOVE Thanksgiving as a child. I remember being with my siblings and cousins in north Jersey . . . eating too much, conducting interviews with an old reel to reel tape recorder, finding chocolate turkeys in the back of my Gram’s frig . . . and ending the evening watching the Gene Wilder Willie Wonka.


Katie and Dan planned the games this time. We had about 40 friends and family  at our celebration this year, and this game was a super ice breaker. You were given a sticker and had to ask questions to discover your own identity. Then, you had to find your “better half.”


Sam and Michael created these friendly critters to welcome the guests.


The “big kids'” table.








My beautiful 99 year old Gi-Gi with my sweet nephew Jake.


Miss “My eyes are most certainly not bigger than my stomach.”



My gorgeous mom who was and will always be the sculptor of everything good in our family.


Abba and Lils.


My gorgeous sis, Nancy and her Katie.

As usual, the evening ended in sleep over negotiations. We traded two for two. We’re set . . . Carl bought the Crunchberries yesterday 🙂

I remember my dad used to buy the Lucky Charms for us.

And here I sit in my warm bed, head spinning from too much dessert, and I’m grateful.

Sweet. Life.

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