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For me, it’s not a holiday, it’s a lifestyle.

Each day I get a choice. I can choose joy or not. So, I choose joy.

Cause here’s what I know . . . we’re only promised the now . . . and to regret the past or worry about the future would be wasted energy. So, I choose JOY! And believe me . . . it’s all around to be found.

For today, I’m thankful. Specifically, I’m thankful . . .

my family forgave me for doing the annual family portrait shots without a memory card in my camera. LOL . . .yep, I sure did:)

we reassembled and ¬†got three families done in about seven minutes (how’s that for a mini session??)

my family opens her doors to whomever steps on the welcome mat . . . and that person becomes part of us . . .

I have a roof over my head and a soft place to lay my head at night . . .and it smells like lavender and vanilla.

my body will still allow me to run long sunrise runs every couple of days . . .

the Script’s #3 release is AMAZING and is my current running soundtrack . . .

old high school friends drop into the small town that I never left, and bring me tales from afar . ..

my kids are all healthy. . .

GiGi will be turning 102 in about a week and I wake up to her smiling face every day . . .

I have a family that stands by my side . . .

and the BEST friends in the entire universe.

I’m grateful.

It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly MINE:)

p.s. can you tell that Isaiah and Sam had a little skirmish at photo time and got separated? Can you tell who feel offended and who feels guilty? I’m smiling, cause it’s my very REAL life:)

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