This is James with my daughters about thirteen years ago.

JAMES (2 of 2)

Below is Ms. Kay.  I met her at a wedding over the weekend.  She overheard me talking to Mustafa, the barista (see second blissful photo) as I told him that I would remember his name because of The Lion King.  Ms. Kay said, “My niece was in The Lion King on broadway for 15 years.”

“My friend, James must know her,” I responded.

Serendipity.  A new friend for me. Plus a gorgeous latte.  Life is pretty amazing sometimes.

Sam had the opportunity to be in “the flow of James” very recently, and it was pure joy to watch my youngest take in the magic of Broadway. Sam also met my film maker/ dancer friend, Wyatt Miller.  He was equally as influential and joyful. Life is meant to be lived to the full. Every single day.  I’ve learned joy from James for many years and am grateful.

Do you think, dear reader, I asked James to partner with me to do something about child slavery in Ghana? You bet I did.  And he said yes.


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