Wendy + Bob.

Wendy is my sista. We go WAYYY back . . . it started with Brownies and she was there when the roller skating conga line went down and I went to the hospital for stitches in my chin.  I remember sitting on my father’s lap in the LazyBoy post stitching, and Wendy remembers that I got blood all over my hand crocheted poncho. Fast forward to high school band, where Wendy I shared a year before she bolted the bandies and became a cheerleader. Wendy’s always had a mind of her own . . . that’s why I adore her so!  Now we are partners in Nerium land, and it’s been a wonderful journey.


Wendy and Bob were our most gracious OC, Maryland hosts for the day. I LOVE day tripping. We left at 4 am . . .we were back home by 11 pm . . . and the kids were ZONKED both ways, and I got to listen to my whole catalog of Mraz and DeGraw. . .  Now THAT’s my kinda road trip:) Bob is the most wonderful man for being in the surf with five kids while Wendy and I built sand castles in the sunshine and ate Tequila Mockingbird guacamole. End of summer never felt so bittersweet.










The wiser I grow, the more thankful I am for my girlfriends. Wendy is TOPS in that department!

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