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We lived way out in the country, so even with a 100 foot antenna bracketed to the side of our rancher, we only could tune into a handful of channels. My all time favorite was a PBS show called ZOOM. “W-aaa-tch ZOOM. Z-DOUBLE O -M. Boston Mass oh-two-one-three-four!” I sent away for the ZOOM club cards, learned to speak “ubbie-dubbie” (ask me, I’m still bilinugual, as is my sis), and know the coolest slight of hand trick thanks to cast member, Bernadette. Why do I share? Cause I finally made it to Boston, Mass!

The Freundel ten are enjoying half a house swap. We are pretending to be the Dirks family this week, from Needham, Mass. Even went to the neighborhood pool on day one and ended up visiting with one of Katy Dirk’s good friends. It is such an adventure to step into another woman’s life, to live in her house, shop at her stores and share the same adventures. Katy’s been my friend for years and years, and she’s always been the most laid back, yet purposeful woman I know. We get to see her on Plum Island later this week . . . can’t wait!


Caroline and Lily discover the “secret passage door” in Claire’s bedroom. This is the perfect “hide-and-seek” house. Reminds me so much of my Gi-Gi’s home in River Edge, NJ, I half expected to see a Beechnut gum plastic swing hanging from the rafters in the scary, red basement.



And the boys are happy to discover that it really was the right choice to travel light . . . Sam has been answering to the name of “Henry” all week. He’s learned to ride Henry’s two wheeler on bumpy sidewalks, and awakens to Henry’s train yard every morning.



Katy has ceramic tiles all over the house . . . made by her three beautiful children. I wish I had done this- so Katy.



Big adventure for the Freundel girls was our first excursion to the American Girl Store in Boston. It was a once in a lifetime for us, so we got the milkshakes, hairdo’s and everything.



Dan caught up on his rest in his own private loft room. First time the guy’s ever had his own room, and I think it agreed with him. He had a pile of letters from Chrysalis (his agape) that he savored . . . and then, it was college visitation time.


We’ve visited two universities so far, and Dan really LOVED one of them. We’ve still got a couple more on our list, but I’m so happy that he’s dreaming big dreams.







And I’d never survive without my Carl, who always knows by the look on my face that he needs to send me an encouraging text. Don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’m sure glad that he’s on my side.

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