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Dominic Chiavacci. Winter’s Mill Senior.

He made it clear from the get go. He was not really down for getting his senior portraits taken. I promised I would work fast. Ask him. I worked fast. He was great. He even indulged me while I caught up with his mom who has been a close friend for years and years.

I saw Dom’s dad in his expressions, and felt like I was looking another classmate, Tony, right in the face after all these years. That’s one of the best parts about living in the town where I was born. Roots.








Can I brag on Kelly for a bit? Her’s was always the house where we wanted to be growing up . . . big ole brick house up on Willis Street. Her mom, Sue, now lives across the street, and Kelly, Tony and their brood have taken over the family home. Kelly and Tony own Kojak Graphic Comminications, Inc., and serve on our city council. Kelly and Tony are invested in our town, just like their parents were. When Kelly met Tony in high school we thought, hmmm . . . he’s trouble. He kind of is . . .but trouble of the best kind.  Sweet. Life.

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