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Manda. Activist. Advocate. WHS Senior.

A blue graduation cord was the symbol of her diligence and tenacity in completing the medical assistant program at Career and Tech, but the cord was not school protocol. So, Mandy used her voice, and not only earned herself the privilege, but earned it for her classmates. That makes her an activist. She has a heart for women and their healthcare, which is often minimized or neglected, and she is on a journey to fix that. That makes her a health care advocate. Two strong, beautiful women stood with Manda during her senior session on the Wakefield Trails, testifying to her courage, strength and beauty. That makes her blessed.

As Manda speaks, beautiful things fall out of her mouth. Sentiments about her heart for the disadvantaged and her desire to become part of a solution. Sentiments about the camaraderie she feels toward her classmates and her desire to be fully present in the milestones of senior year.

Joie de vivre is her gift. Manda is a beautiful, powerful force, and I was honored to spend time capturing her light. Oh reader, have I ever mentioned that I have the best job in the world?

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