Ever wish you could go back and have a face to face with your seventeen year old self? I’ve had that fantasy for years . . . I’d rewrite my insecure, fearful soundtrack. I’d replace it with the beautiful truth. I’m the only one that gets to be me. Ever.

This evening I got the chance to have a heart to heart with my younger self . . . and McKenna was my captive audience. LOL. A little background . . . her mom was my bestie in high school. And her mom married the man that put dreams of playing in a Broadway pit orchestra in my heart. Paxton is folklore in our town. He defined the music program in our county, and we idolized him. So, I kinda used that history to give myself the right to ask the big question.

McKenna is exuberance. She’s already played many of the dream ingenue roles in her Pennsylvania town. But the kicker for me . . . her favorite role? . .  . Toffee in Zombie Prom. Zombie Prom and I have some history, to say the least.

McKenna has it. You’ll see it through my lens. Pure joy and charisma at the onset. But then, at the end of our shoot . . .a burst of beautiful real came out.   Watch the  bud open and blossom . . . all in the course of an hour. McKenna basking in the glow of the golden hour.















The big question?

What would you do if you knew you would not fail?


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