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Staycation. It’s a beautiful word in my book . . . especially when it requires a little creativity.

Happy mamma welcomed the kids back on Friday so we  took a picnic to Pier Five and  watched the One Republic concert over on Pier Six. Live music is my absolute JOY and to share it with the kids was the BEST!!

Saturday’s events required some help. Enter Paul and Debbie Wooden, dear friends, distant relatives, and owners of Holbrook Hollow Farm. I love Paul and Debbie because they live in abundance every single day of their lives and it’s pure joy to be in their aura.

First leg of the Holbrook Hollow adventure was the Battle of Slade Run, a game that Paul played as a boy on the same property. We had a blast . . . I mean, who doesn’t love toy soldiers, chocolate covered donuts and a muddy gun fight??? We followed suit with a sunset dip in the pool.  The evening would not have been complete without a Chinese Fire Drill and lawn dance to Gavin DeGraw’s Best I Ever Had. . .  Gol’ I love those kids . . .even when they make me crazy, (which is often) . . . they are FREEDOM and JOY!!











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Cortnie Smith is a force of nature. She is a young lady with focus and vision.

Cortnie was just accepted to Meredith Manor, a college in Waverly, West Virginia which will prepare her for her equine career. After graduating from Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wisconsin  next year, Cortnie will matriculate into her equine program and will be immersed in her passion every day.

A special thank you to Paul and Debbie Wooden, who allowed us to use Holbrook Hollow Farm for their shoot.

Visit Cortnie’s entire gallery here.






It was only a year ago they went crashing into one another. Preparing for senior year at UNC Greensboro, she had moved north for the summer. He of the T. Rowe Price corporate world, was looking for some relaxation in the magic of an eastern seaboard summer night. They met under the blanket of stars at a summer night throw down. . .  music. . . . nighttime swimming. . . . bonfire. . .  a cocktail of romance. They fell hard and fast, and when you know, you know. It just is.

Corrin and Kevin recreated the magic for all their family and friends at Holbrook Hollow Farm . . . under the stars, where it all began. No pretense. No stuffiness. No show. No shoes. Just the way my girl, CeeCee, and her man, Kevin, like to roll.

With a classic country pig roast/ country barbecue thrown by our county’s best executive chef, Patrick Peregoy . . . music by Bmore’s amazing Jim Cabral with special guest, Carl (mine!) . . . updos by Ms. Pam Hepner. . . kept on on the rails by rock star wedding coordinator/ stand up comedienne . . .Ms. Jennifer Cassell . . . all graciously hosted by Paul and Deb Wooden . . . well, the best part is that every single person felt so fully at home that the party started in full dress and ended in the pool . . . the way we country folk like to throw down.




Corrin . . . all that time we’ve spent in the gazebo . . . talking about the real parts of being married . . . I just wanna say, your man, Kevin, is in for the adventure that he’s been looking for in you:)


Drop dead, girlfriend. Drop dead.



A taste of hot sauce, southern girl style.






Bedside photo. Right there.









Incredible cupcake tower by Snickerdoodles Bakery of Hampstead, MD. The newspaper came to do a story on the cupcake tower!



Corrin and Kevin. Thank you for making me feel like a cherished part of your family. You are magic together!