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Michele + Tim. Museum of Industry Wedding. Baltimore, MD.

I adore Michele and Tim. When I shot their wedding, I felt that I was documenting my dream wedding. Why, you ask?

For a couple of reasons.  First of all . . . the Museum of Industry in Baltimore, MD . . . where you can be in the hip ambient lighting of an industrial COMPLETELY COOL museum . . . and the next minute be standing on the dock of the harbor, embracing the clanging halyards . . .right in the heart of blue collar Smaltimore, my quirky girl, holding the hand of the one you love more than life.

Yep. Michele and Tim love our eclectic Old Bay loving, natty bo town . . . and they love Jason Mraz . . .so much so, that they walked down the isle (wordplay intended) to “I’m Yours.” Shortly after the music entered the slow fade,  Michele’s mom read a poem about embracing your body as the vehicle by which we experience our lives. Michele’s Mom taught her girl to dance freely . . . and that makes for a great life. Yes . . . Michele and Tim are my kinda people. And they had my kinda wedding. Bliss.

 Top of Reservoir Hill . . . City scape.  It was Tim’s love note . . . accompanied by that teal box from Tiffany’s that shows her that she’s worth every cost. . . . and Michele knew that she was worth every iota of his love . . . even without the teal box. Because her sense of worthy is what drew Michele right into Tim’s soul.




Oh . . . and it’s the sassy red pumps . . . . makes me love her more.







Can’t help it. I have a thing for Red Birds . . . just something deep inside me.











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