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Annie + Chet. Historic Antietam Wedding.

On a perfect summer day, Annie walked around her family farm house to the sounds of sister laughter, a bowl of rich chocolate ice cream in her freshly manicured hands, a huge smile on her face and an undeniable sparkle in her gorgeous green eyes.  Her wedding day had arrived in full glory, marking the union of two beautiful souls and the joining of two immensely prolific farm families in historic Sharpsburg, Maryland.

As Annie walked down the aisle to see Chet for the first time on their wedding day, she took his breath away. They had spent many hours over many years on the Price Farm, working side by side in the fields.  The love they share is fortified by solid families, an amazing work ethic and an ability to demonstrate love and respect in the day to day of their lives.

Surrounded by their loved ones, and celebrating portions of the day on both family farms, the couple promised to love, honor, and cherish for the rest of their lives and sealed their devotion with a kiss, to the cheers of their people.

Annie and Chet,  I love the way you love each other. Chet, you treat Annie with distinct care and devotion, recognizing the true gem you’ve found. Annie, you affirm Chet and respond to his love with acceptance and admiration.  Together you are magic.  I am so grateful to have been chosen to document another wedding for your very special family.  I hope you’re enjoying Ashland and soaking up the beauty of the mountains.

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