Baska. Greg. Historical Society of Baltimore County.

Black Porsche. Dark shades. Taciturn with a capital T . . . I didn’t get the full flavor of his Venezuelan mojo until well into our shoot.

Fierce white dress, easy giggle, porcelain skin and complete body awareness . . . she is the perfect Eastern European complement to his swarthy good looks. Yep, her Polish accent makes her completely irresistible.

Baska and Greg were married in a civil ceremony in January, and wisely knew that they’d better document before too much time passed.  And whoever said that February on the eastern seaboard does not provide prime conditions for outdoor shooting was wrong. Dead wrong.

We chased beautiful late afternoon light over the grounds of the Historical Society of Baltimore County. We talked mechanical engineering (him) and life with a family of engineers (her). And they did a bit of kissing and laughing along the way.



The Porsche was darn hot too.
















My reader, I want to tell you something that’s happened more than a couple times this year. Couples will contact me after the wedding day (sometimes even thirty years!)  to say . . . can we hire you just for an hour or so to get some killer wedding images? These are clients whose weddings I did not shoot.

Smart clients. Because for the price of a romantic meal at a restaurant, they get a gift that they don’t have to work off in the gym,  a gift that lasts forever. . . and to the boys who think they don’t like being in front of my camera? . . . it’s some pretty effective foreplay. Win-win.

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