Carol + Tom. Baltimore Country Club Wedding.

He is admittedly all about the details. Spreadsheets, timelines, checklists, and back up plans are in his makeup, and he does it well.  Not surprisingly, she is every bit as put together as he.  Carol and Tom relate to one another in a natural rhythm.  She looks at him as if he hung the moon for her, and he looks at her like he is the luckiest man in the world to get to spend all his days with her.  Carol, surrounded by her sister and nieces, prepared for the ceremony with laughter and ease. Carol loves those girls and they love her right back.  As Tom awaited his bride’s entrance, surrounded by his dearest friends,  his smile said it all.  Carol emerged through the double doors and as she began to descend the marble steps, there was a gasp and a couple of cheers from the congregation.  After an intimate ceremony on the lawn of stately Baltimore Country Club, family and friends enjoyed cocktails on the back patio as the sun gently set over the lawn.  Dinner in the main ballroom was executed in exquisite BCC style followed by special toasts and the cutting of the British wedding cake.  The crowd danced the night away to the full band sound of Radio City accompanied by late night snacks and a designer whiskey bar.  The evening culminated in an impromptu performance by two of Tom’s musician sons, cheered by the reveling crowd.

Thank you, Carol and Tom, for inviting me to capture your most special day.  I am truly grateful and am deeply happy for the love and friendship you share. fitzpatrickblog-14-of-25fitzpatrickblog-1-of-25fitzpatrickblog-6-of-25fitzpatrickblog-3-of-25fitzpatrickblog-1-of-6fitzpatrickblog-3-of-6fitzpatrickblog-4-of-6fitzpatrickblog-8-of-25fitzpatrickblog-7-of-25fitzpatrickblog-9-of-25fitzpatrickblog-5-of-6fitzpatrickblog-17-of-25fitzpatrickblog-16-of-25fitzpatrickblog-11-of-25fitzpatrickblog-15-of-25fitzpatrickblog-13-of-25fitzpatrickblog-20-of-25fitzpatrickblog-18-of-25fitzpatrickblog-19-of-25fitzpatrickblog-2-of-25fitzpatrickblog-2-of-6fitzpatrickblog-22-of-25fitzpatrickblog-23-of-25fitzpatrickblog-24-of-25fitzpatrickblog-25-of-25fitzpatrickblog-21-of-25

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