Gina + Matt. Tremont Grand. Sneak Peak.

When I fall in love with a couple, it’s curtains for me. I’m in my element all day long . . . and savor every piece of the wedding day. At the end of of night, I unload my gear, plug in my computer and  start a pot of coffee in the quiet of my house.

What’s one night’s sleep in the scheme of a lifetime??

So it was last night . . . Gina and Matt’s Tremont Wedding was gorgeous! A day after the downpour, and Maryland springtime was in her glory.  Both Gina and Matt, and their families are the real deal. Their love is real, their faith is real . . . and if you’re a faithful blog reader, you already know their incredibly romantic courtship story. {engagement sessions}


Gina, seriously? Amazingly, stunningly, perfectly GORGEOUS!



The Tremont Grand. Bmore style. THIS is the bathroom. LOL!



This is what happens when handsome vascular surgeon stumbles upon the most beautiful nurse in the world!


Make no bones about it. Fairytales do come true. But they’re even better when they’re laced with a little real.


So, dear reader, this is just a sneak peak, for joining me last night was my off-camera lighting wizard, the incredible Tim Hinsche, and master of composition, Tyler Lyons. More to come, to put it mildly. And I’ll get a chance to gush a little more about some of the best artists in town . . . stay tuned!

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