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Jacquie + Scott. Oliver’s Carriage House Wedding. Columbia, MD

Love wins. Every time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it.

I saw it. I felt it. I was in its glow all day yesterday on a blustery, vibrant early spring day just minutes outside of DC.

His were the most poetic, heartfelt vows I have every heard. He has the heart of a poet and she waited patiently for him.

Hers is a passionate, incredibly bright, warm, caring and loving soul, and she has chosen to give the gift of her heart to him.

Jacquie and Scott are just perfect together. And they threw the biggest party at beautiful Oliver’s Carriage House in Columbia, Maryland.

I’ve known this family for years, having taught both Jacquie and her brother, Frank, English at Linganore High School. Seems that she found her very own English teacher, and he’s a smart one, that Scott Bayer. It’s gonna take a smart, strong one to handle the spark in Jacquie. I think he’s definitely up to the task.

Wanna know what impressed me most?

Jacquie plans events for the film industry, so she knows over the top. Their wedding was not. It was the sweetest, most unassuming gathering of love and warmth and everything good. Jacquie and Scott have their priorities straight and it shows in every detail of this gorgeous wedding.









Jacquie Moreno Bayer, you are one fierce force of nature!!




Jacquie’s Dad, Frank Senior . . . I watched his servant’s heart all day long. Amazing man.

Yep. It’s the real deal.


Golden moment of the afternoon. The ring would not go over Scott’s knuckle. Look at Pastor Mike Yoho’s face. Mike was just wonderful, with an incredible message and charge for marriage.


It finally went on . . . after some sheer brute force.


The biggest, most loving, passionate, free, REAL family I’ve ever seen.
And this is only Jacquie’s side!!







These guys are brothers. So sweet.







Chef John Spagnuolo of Creative Gourmet Catering came with his gorgeous family all the way from Detroit to cater this wedding. “Spags” as Nicholson and DeVito have nicknamed him, is a movie set caterer and  Jacquie’s colleague. His reputation of excellence is well earned. Scott’s Dad, Jim, and Chef Spagnuolo sent me packing last night with Sunday dinner for my family. Of course, I couldn’t wait and tasted it ALL when I got home last night. Yep. I get why this man cooks for the big guns on their movie sets. Seems that Johnny (Spag’s junior)  wants to be a photographer. That how life works. Right into my lap, these gifts are dropped!


Miguel Castaneda, DJ Extreme threw the BIGGEST party that kept everyone up and dancing all night. Kenny, Jacquie’s cousin, kept all the ladies up dancing all night:) That man can DANCE!






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  • deb

    OMG! Jacquie was beautiful — as was the spirit and feel of the wedding that splashes out to the viewer! Kath! i can’t wait to look at the entire album! These photos are gorgeous. You have some incredibly creative, artsy (not Mike Smith’s fave term! lol) and romantic shots! They are beautiful! oxoxReplyCancel