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Jennifer + Adam. Lost River, West Virginia.

They call Washington DC home, but take every opportunity to escape the bustle of the city for long hikes and quiet evenings at their intimate mountainside cabin in Lost River, West Virginia.

Adventuring through the majestic Shenandoah mountains to land at the Inn at Abbott Farm and Lost River State Park to celebrate Jennifer and Adam, we were awed at God’s delicious canvas of broad brushstrokes of autumn glory.  We found Jennifer and Adam tucked away in their hipster cabin, surrounded by close family and friends and all were completely at ease.  Their first look on the grounds of the inn was intimate and true.  We journeyed up the windy mountain to a spot they had carved out in the foliage, a dotting of roaring fires and hot cider beckoning guests in the light snow fall.  Jennifer, led down the aisle by her big brothers,  took everyone’s breath away with her grace and stunning beauty. Their vows were heartfelt and sincere and expressed a true desire to journey in full love and acceptance. Later, fireside stories under the dark of a chilly fall night revealed so much about them. The start of their romance had been a deliciously serendipitous comedy of errors. Rewind just shy of two years. Jen, having seen his handsomeness at a concert let her friend, Collin, know of her interest in Adam.   Collin, playing matchmaker, called Adam, a friend who had impressed him with his strength of character, and spoke of beautiful, compassionate, shy and funny Jennifer.  Adam remembered seeing Jennifer before, and was most assuredly interested, but asserted that they had never attended a concert together.  Fortunately for them both, Collin knew more than one Adam, and Jen was introduced for the first time not to the Adam whom she’d seen at the concert, but to the Adam with whom she would fall quickly in love.  Their first date led to many more adventures, and eventually to a winter snow hike where they fell more deeply in love with each other and the majestic mountains of West Virginia.  Since that date, they’ve carved out their own cabin in the wild where they retreat and dream.

Jennifer, I’ve watched you grow into such a strong, gorgeous and generous young woman.  I first met you as a ninth grade beauty . . . a graceful dancer, talented singer and actress, and top notch academic. In the years since, I’ve watched you journey your way to peace, wholeness and have loved being in your flow.  You are one of the funniest women I know, and you have a pay it forward worldview I truly admire. .   You adore Adam. That is obvious,  and you have chosen well. He is solid and stable, and adores you right back, sharing your joy.

Adam, your love and honor for Jennifer is palpable in the very way you wrap your coat around her. You look into her eyes and see her trust and respect for you and that is a beautiful thing.

adam_Jennifer blog (2 of 11)

adam_Jennifer blog (2 of 5)adam_Jennifer blog (1 of 5)adam_Jennifer blog (4 of 5)adam_Jennifer blog (3 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (1 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (6 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (11 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (10 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (4 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (8 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (5 of 11)adam_Jennifer blog (5 of 5)Jennifer and Adam, you are what’s right and good with the world and it was such an honor to step into your mountainside wedding retreat, snowfall, fireside and all. I appreciate the love you share, your consideration for one another, and I can’t wait to follow your adventures together.

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