Jennifer + Charley. Johansson’s Dining House Wedding

Unassuming, attentive and authentic. That’s Jennifer and Charley in a nutshell. They hold the record for longest courtship – most intimate wedding in his family. His mom said so with a wink and a smile as she reminded them both to remember forever exactly how they felt about one another on this pivotal day in their lives.

Together, they complement and complete one another. They are both American U alumni, and began their life together living and working in the District of Columbia. Then, they adventured to Manhattan and loved the city vibe. These days they’re calling Brooklyn home, still don’t own a car, and are definitely living out some pretty amazing adventures together. I could tell by the fire passed from him to her each time they caught the other’s eye.




Charley is a hometown boy, so we took off into the quaint city of Westminster to shoot on his old stomping grounds.


Charley’s Uncle, Judge Frank Arnold officiated the intimate ceremony.






Jennifer and Charley . . . you have the real deal, and it obvious that you know it, treasure it, and will nurture it.



Johansson’s Dining House & Brewery in downtown Westminster was the perfect venue for their intimate ceremony and wedding luncheon.

Downtown Westminster provides the BEST canvas for what I love most about photography . . . the real.


Jennifer and Charley . . . thank you for allowing me a peek into your lives. It was an honor to witness your commitment to one another and a pleasure to document your wedding day.

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