Julia + Ethan. Swan Harbor Farm Wedding.

They spent the day enveloped. Enveloped in the love of their closest family and friends. Enveloped in the knowing glances and secret sighs they shared throughout the day. Enveloped in the excitement of a Monday morning departure to the Greek Isles.  Enveloped in heat of passion that rivaled the blanket of east coast summer that covered their day.

Breezes off the Chesapeake at Havre de Grace’s stately Swan Harbor Farm provided a canvas for the evening . . . and as the sun set and the air cooled, the throw down began . . . continuing long into the night . . . ushered in by music master,  Frank Young.


Anne’s Garden. Stunning.


My favorite program of all time. A fan with a custom piggyback logo for Julia + Ethan . . . . perfection in graphic design . . . by Mr. Ethan Krieger. Sweeet.


Julia. So gorgeous in a classic 40’s kinda’ way. With Tracy Reese designer, New York City’s  Tessa Morehouse at your back and at your side at the altar. . . it doesn’t get much better.



The attention to detail at every turn was a treasure hunt of surprises all evening.

I love it when my brides and grooms do a private first look. Ethan and Julia wanted no part of that nonsense. Now I love it when the first time a groom sees his bride is right before he takes her as his own forever. Julia should put this photo on her nightstand so it’s the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes each morning.


Julia + Ethan are one of those couples that just have an amazing connection. So easy for me to just stand back, keep my lips sealed and capture the magic. Photographer bliss.

Julia + Ethan. Thank you for enveloping me in your magic.


Swan Harbor Farm


Ginny Carson Officiant

Dean & Brown Caterers

And a special shout out to Ron Washington, who rode shotgun on this one. Holla!

Anne’s Garden

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