Kathy + Beau. Annapolis Wedding.

Some favorites.

Just such a special day that I’m still processing, made even more special because we were surrounded by our families at our home, and it was quiet and intimate . . .just the way we like it.


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Thank you Mom and Dad for all your help in food prep and staging.

Thank you Nancy, for hair and makeup, lending me your wedding dress and acting as our wedding planner and chauffeur.

Thank you Caroline and Lily for making bouquets and boutonnières with me.

Thank you Will for operating as music engineer.

Thank you Sam and Isaiah for setting up all the chairs and table with Beau.

Thank you Kristi and Dan for being in our day.

Thank you Skyler Lakin, for grabbing my camera and getting some great shots.

Thank you Kate Jones and John for capturing our day.

Thank you, Reid Robinette, for marrying us, and Reid Nichols for the toast.

Thank  you, Beau, for all the ways that you love me and our whole crew. You are a brave man and I am grateful.

Feeling blessed.

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