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Linden + Daniel. Gramercy Mansion Wedding.

It plays out better than my stack of summer beach reads. They first fell in love as children attending the same youth group in church. She played volleyball and rose to the top of her class and he tore it up on the lax field and camped at the top of his class, as well.  Like many first loves, they went their separate ways off to college. Years later, Ava, the German girl who stayed with Linden as an exchange student, came back to visit and wanted to visit that guy, Daniel.

They reconnected and the spark was still there. Then he learned she was going off to study in Ireland for the semester. He knew if he let her go, some handsome Irishman would realize the jewel that she was and he’d never see her again. So, off Daniel went to Ireland. To pursue the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Or as his brother Aaron punned, to study a broad. His first love, Linden.

It worked. Boy, did it ever work. Because to see Linden and Daniel together is to see what companionship, encouragement, passion and joy look like when they are nurtured and spent freely.



Linden and Daniel had their first look before their ceremony. I love it when my couples are open to making that first connection for their wedding day a private moment. It’s real.


Daniel’s father officiated the ceremony, and as part of the ceremony all of the guests were invited to stand up and speak words of affirmation and encouragement over Linden and Daniel. It was probably the most heartfelt and honest wedding ceremony I’ve ever witnessed.



The atrium room in the stunning  Gramercy Mansion played host to the foodie’s dream . . . a fully sustainable menu artfully presented by Jerry Edward’s Chef’s Expressions. And the floral design by Sidra Forman featured locally grown, seasonal herbs and flowers and was breathtaking.



The relationship between Daniel and his brother Aaron was the kind that a momma like me prays daily for her own brood. So real. So true.



Linden, you are fierce. Have I told you that yet today??



Linden and Daniel, thank you so much for inviting me into your lives. It would be so cool to be down there in Chapel Hill, NC with you both . . . you’d teach me so much about living a sustainable life, enjoying the BEST food and wine, and accepting each day as a gift from God whose gift wrap should be torn off in huge sheets! You’re bliss!

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