Risa + Patrick. Kentlands Mansion Wedding.

They’ve got resolve. And they don’t  mess around. It presented in their determination to let go of everything unimportant and immerse in the real. For Risa,  that meant  reading her heartfelt vows to Patrick  in husky whisper, as the guests strained to catch snippets of getting lost in the desert and waking with a long morning kiss.  For Patrick that meant indulging in Junior’s desire to wander among the guests pre ceremony, exploring the open arms of cherished family and friends. And so the evening continued, abundant in its lack of pretension and formality. Just the way Risa and Patrick purposed it should be.  Elegant and stately Kentlands Mansion, nestled in the hills of historic Gaithersburg, Maryland provided perfect contrast to the easy flow of Risa and Patrick enveloped by their family and friends.

A perfect blend in so many ways.





Eddie Cobian . . . a gift of perfection for you both.









Jessica Robinson and her team at Sardi’s of Washington, DC provided a seamless backdrop of exquisite taste for the evening with the party hosted by R.J. Walls.





Risa and Patrick, thank you for the privilege. You are beautiful together. Just perfect.


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