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Sarah + Bryan. The Masthead at Pier Street Marina. Oxford, MD.

To say the room was warm would be the understatement of the year. To say there was a blip on the power grid would be another one. But you’d never guess it by hanging with Sarah and Bryan. I described them earlier as Pollyana meets the Red Cross Knight, and they sailed through their wedding day finding beauty and spontaneity at every turn.

Rewind about a decade. She would board the  bright purple bus on campus at McDaniel College  every Sunday. Sarah, along with a great bunch of  friends would make their way, often sleepy-eyed, to our fledgling storefront church tucked in next to Vinnie’s Tatoos in the strip mall. She pursued her faith back then, and she and Bryan are running the race, eyes fixed straight ahead . I’ve watched Sarah grow into a strong secure woman who knows who she is and whose she is.  And I see the way that Bryan looks at her. He is her protector. He is her shield. He rocks.




Sarah. You are so beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

Sarah’s theme was sunflowers {my favorite!} and sea glass.  Sand dollars and chippy painted wood. Perfect for her historic Oxford, Maryland wedding.


The girls prepared for the big day in Sarah’s family vacation home . . . so many memories were flooding her mind all day long.










Would you guess that it was in the mid 100’s? How’s that for grace under baking?


We walked right down the main street in Oxford to the park on the Tred Avon River where Sarah and her sister Molly would swing as little girls. I’m not even saying what happened when they found those swings on this day.





Beauty by Bay Country Bakery. And, yes, it tasted as good as it looks.


This is me at my sister’s wedding. Trying to appear composed and gracious when you’re heart is breaking at the thought of losing your best friend to a guy. Molly, you are so pure and good.



Bryan and Sarah . . . thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me into your lives, for sharing your limo, for your amazing positive attitudes. You both are one in a million. All your friends think so.

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