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Terra + Christopher. Mount St. Mary’s.

Terra and Katie sat beside one another in  high school math class planning their weddings, choosing their gowns, their rings, their colors and even their grooms! So when Terra called Katie and said, “I found my groom,” there was no denying it. Katie had better like him, cause her mind was made up.

While Katie was planning her life, Chris was living fully in West Virginia. Fast Cars. Loud Music. Quick Decisions.  Then, he went off to Lynchburg College in Virginia and met his roommates, Xavier and Justin.  If seeing their camaraderie yesterday was anything like college . . . well, it must have been a long, four year party.

In the first five minutes Terra and I were together on her wedding day, we had that connection . . . first time I said, “now, some hot sauce,” she closed her eyes, giggled her nerves away, and BAM . . .  opened those baby blues and it was spicy. That set the day in motion . . . art gallery, chapel, water falls and autumn leaves . . .  we had that golden southern light just following us all day.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in the Chapel at Mount Saint Mary’s for a wedding. Just breathtaking.

Diana Martin of Natural Treasures rocked the floral design on this wedding. They were exquisite. Jewels sprinkled throughout the bouquets  threw off tiny rainbow prisms which danced on the walls all day.

Terra, you are seriously beautiful. Chris . . . you get to look into those eyes every morning for the rest of your life.

My choice for album cover. Just sayin’. Gooorgeous light with just the perfect amount of flare coming right across the lens.

The posse came back with Lynchburg Lemonade and a serious desire to heckle  . . . their first chivaree with the delightful result of super fun photos.

Nothin’ like your college buddies to keep the party rollin’.  Ron and I shot this wedding chortling with that party spirit from behind our lenses. DJ  Ron and Kim from Lasting Impressions had the entire crowd on the floor.

Terra and Chris . . . yours was one of the most fun weddings we’ve been to this year. Crazy Minute to Win It  games, Elvis and Supremes Impersonators . . . definitely a throw down. . . .your families and friends know how to party. But more importantly, their love for you both was palpable from the moment  we stepped on campus. More delish to come. Just wanted to put an appetizer out there . . .

Terra + Christopher. The Gallery.

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