Brian Balmages.

Brian Balmages is an American producer, conductor, performer and composer of music.  I first met him several years ago shooting a performance of his music with him at the helm.  He is fascinating to watch and incredibly talented.  I had the honor of capturing Brian’s professional photos several weeks ago and he is as much a pleasure to talk with as he is to watch.  Brian has an artist’s mind with a refreshing and unique weltanschauung. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed following Brian’s stint conducting in Brisbane and his travel journal-esque posts. 

1. People here love coffee. I can eat at a different coffee shop every day I’m here and not walk more than 3 minutes from my apartment.
2. I still don’t know how to order coffee, what type of coffee I’m getting, or anything else. A lot of places here don’t do “filter coffee.” And no half-and-half. Either milk or whole cream milk or (today) “pour cream” which doesn’t really pour (too thick).
3. People here are incredibly warm and friendly. And they smile when I try to order coffee.

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