Nancy + Carl. Antrim 1844.


Antrim 1844. He wooed her over long six course dinners and moonlit walks through the immaculate gardens to the gazebo under the stars. He wooed her with his words, his romance, and his ability to hear her heart of hearts. Carl got his girl, and he and Nancy share the easy flow that people who are well suited enjoy. It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with them, hearing about their long distance relationship which will expire as soon as they’re hitched. Will it be the Florida Gulf Coast? Or will it be Washington, DC? I think the jury’s still out on that one, but one thing is for sure . . . home is wherever they are together.

And . . . they can dance!




Nancy and Carl . . .I’ve enjoyed every minute with you both. From our Panera date to our email flurries to our crisp autumn afternoon at the mansion . . . you both are pure joy!

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