The Big Easy.

Thank you, once again, Beau, for the hugest gift you’ve given me.  My Christmas gift in 2018 was a trip to the New Orleans Jazz Fest, because Beau and I shared a love of live music. When Beau passed, I cancelled that trip and Diane at The Cambria, NOLA, allowed me to reschedule for November of 2018. Come November,  I wasn’t ready to travel, because, after all, grief feels like condemnation and fear to me.  Diane allowed me to defer again.

Spring is here. It’s time for a fresh start. I am happy to report that that NOLA is all that I hoped it would be. This trip I’ve been accompanied by two precious girlfriends who have walked every step of this journey with me . . .and they can handle my REAL.  I’ve known Karen for twenty five years, and she’s the only running partner I’ve ever had.  Gail is my new found friend, but I’ve already run away to her Tierra Verde haven to heal in the Florida sunshine.  I am supremely grateful for these strong ladies.

Today we took the New Orleans Walking Tour of the French Quarter.  Our tour guide, Kristi, was the most charismatic, engaging, informative and hilarious host. I think I may become a foodie.  Yes, I still get up at half past dark and work hard in the gym . . . and more often than not I cry through some of my workout, but it’s all part of my journey, because when I feel physically strong, I feel emotionally strong. And life is not for the faint of heart. I love my life.   It’s real and it’s mine. And it’s beautiful and hard, often  in the same hour. I know this. In the end, love wins. Every time.

Disclaimer . . . this is an cell camera post. I did not want to lug the big gun lens around all day:))

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