Truffles and Trifles.

My girlfriend , artist and chocolatier, Valerie Corkran,  told me last night over Chinese and Shiraz, “Kath . . .I know that everybody does not have ‘the real deal’ like you say they do, but I read your blog faithfully, because you see what could be.”

I own it. Some would say I have rose colored glasses, but I would prefer to believe that I, like Emily Dickinson, “dwell in the possibility.”


It’s  Easter morning. A glorious one. And here’s a little real for ya.


My mentor, Lyn Brakeman told me earlier this week . . . Faith OF Jesus. Not faith IN Jesus.


I quickly spouted off an email response to her :


Faith OF Jesus? So when mine goes to hell in a hand basket, He fills it with unexpected and underserved randomness. Clearly,  MY Easter basket . . . specially chosen for the girl who pretends to eschew truffles and trifles, but craves and loves the good stuff of life.


Know what she said?



Jesus ate chocolate 🙂



Wanna know how I eat it?

Sip of Shiraz.

Whole truffle in my mouth.

Heavenly melt.

Sip of Shiraz.


p.s. My truffle of choice? and I know truffles . . .  hand made, gold leaf decorated by Emily Michael, principle at Michael’s Studios. 


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