Westminster High School Senior: Annie

As the fog of the last six months clears, I am realizing that there is so much JOY all around to be found.  Annie, a rising senior at Westminster High School, reminded me of that very thing, in the golden eventide as we chased the setting sun and puddling light. She made me smile as I put her in some strong side light and she knew it would paint particle in her portrait.  This one is a kindred spirit.   Annie will pursue art and theater in her near future. She is powerful and I am so excited to see her hitch her wagon and fly. Thank you, Annie, for being such a strong flavor of amazing you. And yes, I have the best job(s) in the world. I’m only getting started, surrounded by my tribe of encouragers . . . guess Annie and I will both be hitching our wagons.annieblog (1 of 7)annieblog (2 of 7)annieblog (3 of 7)annieblog (5 of 7)annieblog (7 of 7)

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